Hawaiian Shirts

Ok, you might ask. Why are you wearing a Hawaiian shirt in so many photos? Is it some kind of fashion statement?

Actually, no. It’s the result of a request from my friends. During the weekend in Germany I was told that I should take a picture wearing this Hawaiian shirt every single day. Of course, I figured a request (read: demand) like that isn’t too hard so I agreed to do this. This page contains these photos, but they can also be viewed on either my Facebook profile or on Picasa/Google+.

Some days I did fail however, so I mention these days of shame on this page as well.

  • 27-10-2011, upon my arrival in Christchurch I went to the hotel and slept there until the next day. I should’ve taken the picture before then.
  • 29-04-2013, I have no idea why this one is missing