Merry Christmas

Merry Hawaiian Christmas

So, finally an update and it’s only something in which I wish you a merry Christmas. Well, unfortunately you can’t have everything. A lot of stuff has happened in the past weeks, including bungy jumping, skydiving, rafting, jetboats, canyoning, even renting a car (don’t worry, New Zealand survived that), and even earthquakes (luckily no casualties).

All of this (or at least the interesting parts about it) will be mentioned in some blog posts that I’ll write once I actually take the time to do so. Just rest assured that I’m having a great time here.

As for Christmas, so far it’s been going good. Right now I’m full from the barbecue we had here at the hostel, where the hostel provided the meat and everybody else was supposed to make something like a salad or desert. This led to some nice (and some less nice) but all interesting dishes. So, all in all Dunedin seems like a nice place to celebrate Christmas. Also, with the good weather it’s a bit different from Lapland last year…

Anyway, I’ll leave it at this for now and just finish with wishing you all once again a Merry Christmas!

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