A Singapore layover

The first stop in my actual travels wasn’t so much a destination in itself, but part of the journey. With fourteen hours between my arrival in Singapore and the leaving of my connecting flight I decided to take this opportunity to revisit the city I’d last seen 3 years ago, when it was the last stop of my failed attempt at traveling.

Hawaiian shirt photo Singapore

Before I tell a bit about my day in Singapore, a short lesson. When you decide to visit a place in between connecting flights make sure you dress for that place. Singapore was for too hot to walk around in jeans, not to mention all the trouble I had in trying to stuff my sweater and coat in the backpack I was carrying around. Lesson learned though.

First, the flight. This was pretty much ok. I was seated next to two brothers who were going on their yearly trip to Indonesia and it was fun talking to them. The food and service were pretty good, the only downside was the lack of sleep. I already didn’t sleep much the night before and when I finally fell asleep for an hour in the plane there was a severe case of screeching child syndrome. After that I decided to just watch some movies and series as well as read a bit. We landed around 6 in the morning, at which point it was already 28 degrees Celsius.

Singapore is a strange city. On the one hand it’s very beautiful and has little crime, but on the other hand you are pretty much bombarded with things you’re not allowed to do. Including the fine they’ll charge you if you do it anyway.

It was early when I got to the city itself, and here I’m going to play the “I was tired” card. I didn’t actually do much in the city. I mainly walked around the river, did some relaxing/reading there, visited Chinatown, and had a massage. I didn’t take many photos either, because I was tired but also because I already had some from the last time. Of course, I couldn’t remember the whole ship on top of skyscrapers thing, so that I did take pictures off.

A floating ship

At around 3 I was getting really tired, but luckily found salvation in the form of a Starbucks. For some strange reason it didn’t seem to have the usual free wifi though. Oh well, I could live without it and at least the caffeine kept me mostly awake until it was time to leave for the airport again.

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